Pet intelligent feeding solutions

Smart pet housekeeper

Ogemray Intelligent pet feeding solution is based on the ogemray remote control technology, through mobile phones, tablets and other mobile terminals, precision timing feeding and quantitative feeding, health management, and social sharing function, To make people feel the joy of feeding from the busy life

Ogemray Intelligent pet feeding ecosystem

One-stop solution

Remote control,no worry about starving of pet

Without worry when you are in Travel and work,whenever wherere ever,open the APP and one click feeding

Timing and weighting,make a good &healthy life style of pet

Setting a timing&weiting feeding,it can help pet to build a healthy regular diet,also can avoid forgetting to feeding the pet when you are busy



One click feeding

Timing and weighting

Reminding of the excess,avoid overeating

It will with daily log of the feeding times,and settnig feeding times of everyday.when the feeding times is over the Max times, it will reminding with shake to avoid overeating



Reminding of the excess

APP records

Rotating feeding structure,support most of fish food in the market

Rotating feeding structure,support almost all types of the fish food


Details shown

Compatible&open smart APP platform

Diversification, more category custom, meet your personality demands


Leading industry:Technical advantages