Smart Home Solution

Ogemray Smart Home One-Stop solution combine smart lighting, smart switch/plug,Intelligent security, traditional home appliance intelligent upgrade and other applications, provide comfortable and safe enjoyment for home and work.

Ogemray smart home ecosystem

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart switch/plug
  • Smart security
  • Smart Appliance

Ogemray Smart Lighting Solution

Light is not only a kind of lighting, but also a feeling of emotional comfort and support. Ogemray Technology includes lamp control module, lamp driver control, intelligent switches, intelligent lights,a set of intelligent lighting equipment and solutions with APP, it will be human-centered, in addition to meet the demand of basic lighting, also meet the needs of more about human emotions.

Smart Switch/ Smart Control Solution

Ogermay smart switch control solution is mainly based on wireless WiFi control technology. It is used to connect traditional lamps or small appliances, with the use of smart switch APP, to control lights and electrical appliances anytime and anywhere, making family life more safe and convenient.

Intelligent Security Solution

Ogemray intelligent security solutions depend on video monitoring system, intelligent analysis, alarm system and other subsystems and wifi remote control technology for family/enterprise security research and development of a set of solutions.

Smart Small Appliances Solution

Traditional home appliances have been hit hard by the AI wave. Ogemray technology introduced including IOT module,ID structure design, intelligent product, App, cloud platform, a set of intelligent small home appliance solution, for the traditional electric mount "wisdom mind", boost traditional home appliance intelligent quickly

5 kinds of complete control methods

Simpler,more comfortable,safety smart solution

The entire house with smart control, a new smart life start


Amazon Echo、Google Tmall Elf

ect mainstream smart home platforms

Multi-series IOT control chipset

Compatible and open smart APP platform