GWF-1D07 Ogemray 300Mbps USB WIFI Adapter

GWF-1D07 wireless adapter supports the PHY 300Mbps rate, working in the 2.4GHz band. Fully conforms to the IEEE802.11b/g/n standard specification. High standard brings high performance, providing reliable and efficient data throughput.

1D07’s excellent RF structure and baseband algorithms provide excellent performance and lower power consumption. Intelligent MAC design contains an efficient DMA engine and data processing hardware accelerator.

1D07 supports a variety of Wi-Fi encryption mode, including WPA, WPA2 and other advanced security mechanisms, to provide reliable security for the user's wireless network connection.

1D07 have black and white colors to cater for different consumers’taste.


The wireless network support 2.4GHz band connection; Support 20MHz/40MHz broadband;

Support PHY rate 300Mbps - 2T2R mode; IEEE standard 802.11b/g/n standard;



802.11n: 300Mbps;

Support wireless connection;

Automatically adjusting PHY rate as the wireless network environment;

Support USB 2 interface; Excellent power management ;

Safe encryption ways: WPA, WPA2, WFA, WAPI;

The front has a status indicator, it will remain light after hardware and software are installed, when the data is being transmitted the light flashes.

Strong anti-interference ability;

Support Windows XP/7/8, Linux, Android and other mainstream operating system.

Note: The international  universal standard of Wi-Fi communications adopts the IEEE 802.11 standard, having two independent radio frequencies bands: 2.4 4.9/5.8 GHz. Each frequency band is divided into a number of channels, different countries choose different bands. This adapter can be suitable different bands as the different router. Please see the 5th detailed description.