GWF-KM42 Ogemray WiFi  Smart Module MT7681 Chipset 

 The smart WiFi plug module is controlled via an APP installed in an Android or IOS smart phones or tablets,user can local or remote turn ON/OFF the device with WiFi signal and telecom mobile network signal provided and internet access be available.
   Users apparatus  can be powered through this plug,so that it can be controlled  and monitored with the APP installed.This plug will be a good choice for family,companies, of?ces, factories, shopping malls, stores, etc to realize local or remote power control or timing or power saving requirements with multi-timer,power consumption  measurement,multi-user control,etc functions provided in the APP.
12 + 10 + 12 pins arround the module,with I2S/I2C/SPI output interface.
Support both AP and Client mode, with WiFi direct function.