GWF-Z160 Ogemray WIFI Repeater

The WiFi Repeater (WiFi Booster) is the device as secondary Internet communication gateway and expanding the coverage area function.It is mainly used for WiFi proliferating and regional coverage, enabling the home wireless network running smooth and stable.

Two functions:

Bridge Repeater mode.

1.Through Z160 WiFi Repeater (WiFi Booster), devices connected with Z160 are still in the same Lan as the superior AP

Router Repeater mode.

2.Through Z160 WiFi repeater, devices connected with Z160 will in the different Lan with the superior AP


1.Extending the wireless network easily, and expanding the coverage of Lan.

2.Z160 still could provide the internet to devices, even far away from AP.

3.Wireless LAN 300 Mbit/s repeater, 2T2R

4.Antenna: 2pcs 2dBi external  Antenna

5.Compliance with ieee 802.11b/g/n

6.Transmission frequency: 2.4GHz

7.Security support: WPA2, WPA, WEP

8.2 connecting modes for setting: WiFi, wireless AP.