GWF-KM34 ogemray smart lighting control module

GWF-KM34 is a module with WiFi communication and have lighting control function, the module has 5 ways PWM drive circuit to control 5 colors lighting(R/G/B/WW/CW), moreover, it reserve 2 GPIO interfaces to meet scalability requirement. Designed based on cloud platform, The GWF-KM34 firmware has advantages such as multipurpose integrating, high stability and strong expandability etc. It has abundant API interface, can be controlled via Android and iOS mobile APP. Through APP, user can deposes of operations such as local control, remote control, timer control, scene control.  

GWF-KM34 can be applied for commonly used normal 110V/220V switch, integrated with WiFi module, driver and switch monitoring part. It is a low power, small size, quick connection module which is suitable for LED lighting control. Nowadays, the constant deepening of economic globalization and increasingly fierce of market competition, gradually lead to homogenization of LED lamps, the module adopt Ogemrayoriginal T2C lighting control technology and leading WiFi technology, make lamp manufacturer optimize products, expand product catalogue and improve market competition thereby to add up users and boost sales.


Support the overwhelming majority of SPST/SPDT

Focus on 8~36W lamps such as droplight, ceiling lamp, table lamp, down lamp or other

Support 5 ways PWM, applied to control 5 colors LED(R/G/B/CW/WW), meet requirement for colored lights, color temperature lights and general lights. 

Offer mobile phone APP, support iOS and Android system

Configure network via mobile APP, smart connection

Support local and remote control

Switch ON or OFF by mobile phone APP

Set timer to turn on/off and event reminder by by mobile phone APP

Control color/color temperature/brightness by mobile phone APP

Adjust dynamic lighting effect(bright/stream/breathe/flashing)

Support FOTA

Support STA/AP/STA+AP work mode

Monitor module work state by watchdog, if the module runs across abnormal states, the module will auto power off and restart.

Support manual reset and APP automatic reset